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It’s 2022 And You Need To Ask Yourself One Question… What Do You Know About “Rare” Canna-bi-noids?

On The Forefront Of Development, Manufacturing And Commercialization Of Rare Cann-a-binoids, InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Could Rule A Unique Market Expected To Reach ~$115 Billion By 2040 (1)

Top 5 Reasons InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. Could Be An Undervalued Hidden Gem

Huge Acquisition of BayMedica Could Be The Game-Changer of all Game-Changers for InMed
InMed Boasts an Unparalleled Cann-a-binoid Manufacturing Expertise
The Company has 2 Cann-a-binoid Dr-ug Development Programs (INM-755 and INM-088) with Huge Market Potential
Two Separate Analysts Provide Over 700% Potential Upside From (Nasdaq: INM)’s Closing Valuation 3/17/22
InMed has the ability for commercial-scale production of TH-CV, in addition to CBC and CBT for potential supply to large buyers in the pharma, and health and wellness markets. (5)
The world is changing.

The legalization of cann-a-bis has created many opportunities for researchers to study the compounds in the cann-a-binoid family like never before.

Although cann-a-bidiol (C-B-D) and tetra-hydrocann-a-binol (T-H-C) make up most of the content in cann-a-bis plants, they are not the only compounds that matter.

The plants also have many rare cann-a-binoids with potential health and manufacturing uses that can now be studied.

In fact, there are more than a hundred “rare cann-a-binoids” that could provide game-changing applications in the field of medicine which up until recently may have never been conceived. (1)

To give you an idea of how big the rare cann-a-binoid market could be, the global cann-a-binoid synthesis market is estimated to grow from $10 Billion in 2025 to $115 Billion by 2040. (1)

But what the heck do you mean by “synthesis?” Simple.

As the cann-a-bis story has slowed down over the past two years and companies/stocks have fallen by the wayside, one company has discovered a HUGE opportunity in the burgeoning rare cann-a-binoids market.

And the way they’ve come to this opportunity is through manufacturing expertise by way of Biosynthesis and Chemical Synthesis of the cann-a-bis plant to uncover rare canna-a-binoids.

Meet InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.

InMed Pharmaceuticals is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of rare cann-a-binoids for Pharmaceutical and the Consumer Health & Wellness Industries.

InMed is also a clinical-stage company developing a pipeline of rare cann-a-binoid therapeutics and dedicated to delivering new treatment alternatives to patients that may benefit from cann-a-binoid-based pharmaceutical dr-ugs.

And one recent acquisition may have changed everything for this company…

No. 1 Reason To Pay Attention To InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. Right Now: The Acquisition and Integration of BayMedic

In October of 2021, InMed announced the completed acquisition of BayMedica Inc., a private company based in the U.S. specializing in the manufacturing and commercialization of rare cann-a-binoids for the health and wellness sector. (2)

Just how big of a play was this by InMed? Consider this.

BayMedica provides InMed the following: (1)
A large batch producer of a rare cann-a-binoids who was already generating revenue pre-acquisition? Not too shabby.

What makes InMed so powerful is the fact they really are a unicorn. The company’s world-class research and development serves three industries at the same time – pharmaceuticals, biotech and cann-a-bis.

No other company can share this claim…which brings us to point number 2.

No. 2 Reason To Pay Attention To InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. Right Now: Unparalleled Cann-a-binoid Manufacturing Expertise

To put it simply, no one manufacturing approach fits all.

Multiple avenues are needed to select the most effective manufacturing method based on target cann-a-binoids and the appropriate quality specifications for the desired market segment.

And THIS is where InMed has a leg up on the competition. By acquiring BayMedica, the company has 3 different types of manufacturing avenues:
Now, the company has already launched rare cann-a-binoids in CBC and CBT to multiple business customers in the consumer health and wellness space, but InMed’s pipeline could be really big news moving forward. But more important is the scale and purity of the CB-DV and TH-CV. CB-DV is structurally similar to CB-D (cann-a-bidiol). Like CB-D, CB-DV is not intoxicating when isolated, so it won’t cause the euphoric high associated with high-TH-C cann-a-bis. (6)

That means there is NO RISK of having or being associated with a controlled substance.

Just take a look and see what the future may hold:
And remember, there are over 100 rare cann-a-binoids out there. This could be only the start of something even bigger.

No. 3 Reason To Pay Attention To InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. Right Now: Cann-a-binoid Dr-ug Development Programs (INM-755 and INM-088)

Ever heard of Epidermolysis bullosa (EB)? If not, you’re lucky.

It’s the worst disease you’ve never heard of. EB is a group of rare genetic skin diseases characterized by fragile skin that blisters easily from minimal friction that causes shearing of the skin layers. (1)

In December 2021, $2.4 million was raised in a celebrity virtual event whose participants included Selena Gomez, Gonzo from The Muppets, The Jonas Brothers, and Bill Maher. (7)
The most common form is EB Simplex (EBS), ~55% of all EB patients.

The total EB population is estimated to be between 12,500 and 25,000 in the United States.

No therapies approved specifically for the treatment of EB wounds and other symptoms.

INM-755 is being developed for symptomatic relief in all EB patients and may have further utility in enhancing skin integrity in a subset of EBS patients. (1)

INM-755: Positive Top-Line Results (1)

INM-755 Creams Safe & Well Tolerated on Intact Skin and Epidermal Wounds

INM-088: Potential Roles for CBN in Glaucoma (1)


Pharmaceutical Programs: High-Level Time/Event Schedule

Could these programs lead InMed over the top in the years to come?

No. 4 Reason To Pay Attention To InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. Right Now: Analyst Coverage Provides Price Targets Between $6 and $20+ (3) (4)

That’s right. Multiple analysts are providing coverage on InMed at the moment and their targets are providing a ton of upside potential from current trading values.

From 3/17/22’s close of INM on the Nasdaq, they each would provide over 700% of potential upside.

Read it again: Over 700%!!!

Edison Group – $20.53Research Report

Roth Capital Partners – $6.00Research Report

Both reports highlight the acquisition of BayMedica as the game-changer for InMed, but I suggest reading both for yourself to grasp the full potential upside for this company.

No. 5 Reason To Pay Attention To InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. Right Now: An Experienced Workforce Like None Around

Extensive experience in pharma R&D, cann-a-binoid/ API manufacturing, clinical and regulatory affairs, biotech strategic planning, product sales & marketing, and capital markets provides InMed with an unbeatable team.

To Recap

InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq INM) is on the forefront of development, manufacturing and commercialization of rare cann-a-binoids.

The recently completed acquisition of BayMedica could put InMed on the cusp of something special in the global cann-a-binoid synthesis market (estimated to grow from $10 Billion in 2025 to $115 Billion by 2040.) (1)

Plus, with an experienced team from top to bottom of the company, and multiple analysts providing targets with potential upside over 700% (from INM’s 3/17/22 closing valuation), this is a stock needing to be on your radar now.

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Company Information

InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc., a clinical stage pharmaceutical company, researches and develops cannabinoid-based therapies. The company’s lead product is INM-755, a cannabinol topical cream, which is in a second Phase I clinical trials for the treatment of epidermolysis bullosa.